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Alberta Bowhunting

bowhuntingI’m a serious bowhunter myself with 6 P&Y registered trophies. Almost all my bowhunting guides are bowhunters as well. We are here to make your hunt a success. We’ve got an excellent area, talk to any of our references & they’ll tell you of the great potential it has and the first-class Alberta game we produce. You can look up resident success rates at: The photos will show you the kind of game you can expect to see in the areas we hunt. We had an Average season in 2021, 2 bowhunters saw 7 moose but no bow shooting chances (but both would have tagged out with rifles) the 3rd hunter got a shot but he missed the mark and the bull got away. We’re planning to make it even better next fall. We have been very consistent with the amount of game we’ve produced for our bowhunting clients.

With difficult times in the North American economy, I am providing my clients an a great deal for the upcoming season, these may be the best prices you’ll find on hunts in Alberta. I am offering my hunt for $5190. plus, licenses and tax. This covers meals, tent camp accommodation, airport pickup and 2 on 1 guiding. I also offer a drop camp option for paired hunters starting at $2440 per person plus license fees, this is probably the best bow hunt deal available in Alberta. To show you that we’re serious about our clients tagging their bull we’ve incorporated a trophy fee paid only if you tag your bull. We have a lot of great things planned for our clients and I would really like it if you would be a part of it. We take VISA/MC for deposits to make it easier for you to book your hunt. Please call me if you have any questions at all about the great hunts, we run up here.

We specialize in Bowhunting trophy moose. Our primary hunting area allows bowhunting only during the pre-rut, has some of the highest densities of moose in Alberta, and has an excellent bull to cow ratio. Calling moose is incredibly exciting and our most productive method of getting trophy bulls into bow range. Other common methods we use include hunting natural mineral licks, or heavily used feeding areas.


Our area also has a great abundance of other big game species including Elk. We bugle in these bulls during the rut or setup on the fringe of agricultural feeding areas and hunt from tree stands.


Alberta is famous for its great deer hunting and its giant trophy bucks. Alberta whitetails are the most predictable and easiest to bow hunt in September. We hunt their travel routes in the morning and evening as these bucks move to and from bedding areas to feed in the lush farm fields.

Game Birds

Both ruff grouse and spruce grouse are very plentiful and are a lot of fun to hunt in the midday period whether bow or rifle hunting. Licensing for game birds is optional.


A healthy wolf population exists in our area, and a wolf/coyote license is recommended for every hunter. Wolves are very wary and don’t offer hunters a second chance, but the opportunity is there for the vigilant hunter. Bow hunters have had shooting opportunities every year.


Rainbow trout are abundant in the creeks as are the northern pike in the many lakes. A little fishing at midday can be a relaxing break the wearied hunter needs.


locationThe primary hunting area located a short 2 hours drive west of the Edmonton International airport, near the town of Edson in the beautiful foothills, agricultural fringe area of west central Alberta. Our hunting areas have some of the highest moose densities in the province. Other advantages of this new area include: easier / more cost-effective travel arrangements for our hunters, excellent access, controlled resident numbers and Bowhunting in the pre-rut and rut. We’re now hunting in the best area in Alberta for moose and an area that has excellent elk, whitetail and mule deer numbers. This move helps us to expand our line of high-quality reasonably priced hunts that we offer to all hunters.

Fall Hunts

Our primary fall hunts are for Elk, Moose and Whitetails. We hunt different units at different times of the year from a variety of camps to optimize our success on the game we’re after. Our fall bowhunts are conducted during bow only seasons.