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Alberta Whitetail Hunting

We hunt the bush country area around Edson in west central AB. Our primary hunting method involves watching cut lines, pipelines and logging clear cut fringes from heated blinds. Rattling and scent dispensers are quite effective at this time. Although the season for Whitetail hunting is open from Sept 17th onward our best success on larger deer and when we prefer to hunt them is during the month of November this is when the rut is in full swing.

For 2022 I’m offering a 5-day hunt for $2,440 plus, license and tax, Paired hunters are needed or you can upgrade to a 1 on 1 hunt. To reduce the basic cost of the hunt to you we have eliminated meals, lodging and pickup from our services provided. This way you get to choose the level of service you want in these areas and are in charge of the cost. To show you we are serious about our clients tagging their buck we’ve incorporated a $500 trophy fee payable only if you tag your buck.

If you’re looking for a 2023 hunt the dates will be the same and I’ll honor these prices right now.

My concept is to provide an honest hunt for a fair price. We even take VISA/MC for deposits to make it easier for you to book your hunt. Call the past references and shop for the best areas, quality of deer and prices. I’m certain that you’ll find that we provide the best chance of success and hunt value. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.